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In late 2021, Controller Nerds was established by a group of gaming enthusiasts who are passionate about sharing information on independent games. Having experienced some of the most enjoyable gaming moments with indie games, we created this platform out of our love for gaming and the desire to share our thoughts with the world. One of our founders, Martin, resigned from his position as a senior editor at a different game review website in order to have the freedom to share his personal views on games and hardware. And now, here we are, doing just that.

Our mission is to provide honest, unbiased and informative content for our readers, as well as to support indie developers and showcase their amazing work. We believe that some of the best gaming experiences come from indie games, and we want to help them reach a wider audience.

We cover a variety of topics, such as news, reviews, previews, interviews, features, guides and more.

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Meet Our Publishing Team

Martin Hosking

Martin Hosking Co-Owner

By day I am a Systems Analyst for a global manufacturing company. By night, I am a husband, dad, and huge fan of gaming. I particularly love indie games, but I will play pretty much anything. One of my all-time favourites is Oxygen Not Included from Klei Entertainment.

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Benjamin Williams

Benjamin Williams Co-Owner

Gaming since the Mega Drive with the family, I've been a fan of what Nintendo do even though I'm not a fan of their prices. I still love my Nintendo 3DS and the Switch is one of the best gaming inventions ever made IMO. Indie titles provide the most fun, but I've been a sucker for Halo since it began.

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Brian Milne

Brian Milne Editor

Coded my first programme on Acorn Electron when I was 6. Got a Mega Drive in 1991, and my love for gaming and Sonic the Hedgehog had started. Play a huge variety of games but have a huge fondness for racing games and more recently, JRPGs.

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