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Five Nintendo Switch Games I’m Looking Forward to in 2022

We’re a little over a week into 2022 and there’s plenty to look forward to in the gaming world. For now, though, my thoughts have turned to what games I’m looking forward to the most on my Nintendo Switch. There’s plenty to choose from both with big publishers and small. One of the real joys of the Switch is the massive range of small developers putting out fantastic games that provide more fun than the big game makers. That’s not to say we don’t like the big games – a new Pokemon game comes out and you can be sure I’ll be buying it. Mario rarely disappoints as well.

So, here’s five Nintendo Switch games that I’m looking forward to in 2022.

Pokemon Legends: Arceus

Developer: Game Freak
Summary: Get ready for a new kind of grand, Pokémon adventure in Pokémon Legends: Arceus, a brand new game from Game Freak that blends action and exploration with the RPG roots of the Pokémon series. Explore natural expanses to catch Pokémon by learning their behaviour, sneaking up, and throwing a well-aimed Poké Ball. You can also toss the Poké Ball containing your ally Pokémon near a wild Pokémon to seamlessly enter battle. This new angle on Pokémon gameplay will deliver an immersive, personal experience brought to life by both Pokémon and humans.

Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga

Developer: TT Games
Summary: The galaxy is yours with LEGO® Star Wars™: The Skywalker Saga! Play through all nine saga films in a brand-new video game unlike any other. Fly across space to the saga’s most memorable planets, in any order, at any time. A galaxy far, far away has never been more fun!

Fallen Angel

Developer: Matrioshka Games
Summary: Fallen Angel is a biblical symphony of pixel art and demon-fuelled action. Fallen Angel blends souls-like elements with a 2D pixel action RPG. Set in a world inspired by the Old Testament, biblical apocrypha and more than a little modern style, the many realms of Heaven are a strange and varied place. Lucifer won’t just be slicing his way through pearly gates and angelic choirs, but strange high-tech constructs, idyllic earth-like plains, cyberpunk nightclubs, floating islands and more. Each Archangel will have a strong, thematic influence on the environments and creatures the player will encounter in each realm.

Chained Echoes

Developer: Matthias Linda
Summary: Take up your sword, channel your magic or board your Mech. Chained Echoes is a 16-bit SNES style RPG set in a fantasy world where dragons are as common as piloted mechanical suits.

Sea of Stars

Developer: Sabotage
Summary: Sea of Stars is a turn-based RPG inspired by the classics. It tells the story of two Children of the Solstice who will combine the powers of the sun and moon to perform Eclipse Magic, the only force capable of fending off the monstrous creations of the evil alchemist known as The Fleshmancer.

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