Our Top Five Open World Games

Our Top Five Open World Games

Welcome to our list of Our Top Five Open World Games. This is a list of games that either Ben or I have spent quite a bit of time playing.

These games may not be on your top five open world games nor on others’ lists, but we certainly enjoyed playing them. Please note, that the below games are not limited to any certain platform. The list is also in no particular order.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

We’re starting the list with a game available on nearly as many platforms as the original DOOM. I reckon most gamers have at least tried this game, even if only for an hour at most. It’s one of Ben’s favourite games and that’s one of the reasons this is the first to make the list.

I quite enjoy the game, it’s full of awesome quests and there are tons of different areas for you to find and explore. Also, when you mod it to the heavens, you can get the game looking incredibly beautiful. The vanilla game seems pretty decent for a game that is 11 years old this year. Skyrim will literally take you hundreds of hours to fully complete it.

Horizon Zero Dawn

Aloy. My dear Aloy. I absolutely loved the journey with Aloy against the robot dinosaurs in Horizon Zero Dawn. I am yet to actually play Horizon Forbidden West as I’ve been busy playing other games. HZD is one of my favourite games and I played it until I got the platinum trophy on the PS4.

The main story in Horizon Zero Dawn will take you anywhere up to 25 hours to complete, whilst those who want 100% completion of the game are looking at around 50 hours.

The Witcher 3

Toss a coin… No. Whilst that is a catchy song, you won’t find that here. The Witcher 3 is an amazing game that will take players around 50 hours to finish the story. Completionists will see themselves playing in Geralt’s adventures for nearly 180 hours! The Game of the Year Edition adds a further 10 or so hours to that time.

There are some brilliant quests in this game, and I don’t only mean the main storyline. Some of the side quests you are tasked with are pure works of art.

Marvels Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales should be on any PlayStation player’s list. Spider-Man has been confirmed that it’s coming to PC on August 8th 2022, with Miles Morales coming later in the year to PC. They are both action-packed games from start to finish and the city of New York has been created with a huge amount of passion.

They are both purely stunning games that not only look stupidly good, but run incredibly well, and play even better! Both of them are fantastic games that will please spidey fans of all ages. There are tons of little easter eggs in the game so keep your eyes peeled. Both of these are fairly easy platinum trophies too.

Forza Horizon

I’m not narrowing Forza Horizon down to a particular release of the racing series. The latest entry, which most will know, is Forza Horizon 5 which is set in the breathtaking land of Mexico. Whether you’re racing along the roads, going off-road in the lush rainforests, or taking on your opponents in the sandy desert, you’re in for a great time.

One of my personal favourites in the franchise was Forza Horizon 4 as this was set in Britain, and I kinda preferred that for some reason.

Either way, no matter which entry you play you’ll have tons of fun even if you’re not a huge fan of racing games.

So that’s it for our list of Our Top Five Open World Games. We hope you’ve enjoyed reading as well as discovered some new games to add to your backlog!

Would your list differ from ours? If so, let us know which games you would add in the comments or over on our socials such as our Twitter page.

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