PC Building Simulator 2

PC Building Simulator 2 Open Beta Initial Thoughts

Here we are, the sequel to a favourite game of mine is nearly upon us. PC Building Simulator 2 is officially in Open Beta on the Epic Games Store and you can download it for free right now. But should you? Continue reading to find out my initial thoughts on this Open Beta. You can also check out our game reviews should you wish to.

Not Just More Of The Same

So this isn’t more of the same. When I first heard that PC Building Simulator 2 was in development, I wasn’t too keen on the idea. However, now I’ve played the Open Beta, I must say that developers Spiral House are doing a cracking job with it.

The Game

So the game itself, you literally build PCs. But that’s not just it, ooooh no. Uncle Timmy has cocked up again and has left you with a complete mess of a business and you have to pick up the pieces.

PC Building Simulator 2

This time though, we have more options and tools in our belt. One thing I’ve noticed is the RGB lighting in PC Building Simulator 2 is a vast improvement over what it was in PC Building Simulator.

Straight away we’re given a job to get our office PC up and running… and it’s a beauty. We have a brand new Nvidia RTX 3080 Founders Edition to chuck into our rig. Not bad huh.

Once that’s done we are given a handful of jobs to teach us how some of the new features work. Those jobs vary and are:

  • Stripping down an Nvidia RTX 3090 GPU and adding an EKWB liquid cooling block to it. We then place this back in the PC and finish off the custom water cooling loop.
  • Spray painting a PC case to a bright red.
  • Overclocking an i3 processor and testing the overclock
  • Removing viruses from a computer. This is much better in PC Building Simulator 2 as you don’t have to reboot the PC once the software is installed.

I actually really enjoyed stripping down the 3090, taking the thermal pads and paste off, and installing the EKWB cooling block. It’s an awesome new feature if you ask me.

PC Building Simulator 2
The detail is pretty awesome.

Look & Sound

So the graphics seem to have had a vast improvement in this sequel. The detail is so much better, it’s pretty mad to see the detail, especially when playing on a large 4K screen. I also love the new RGB lighting in the game, as well as the water cooling loop details. If a PC has a custom loop, when it powers on you can see the liquid pumping around the loop.

I did experience some massive frame drops in random places… But this is an open beta. So this is to be expected as that’s part of what betas are about if you ask me. The main thing is I did not experience any crashes or freezing of the game, just the frame drops. To be fair though, they didn’t even really interrupt the gameplay, was just a minor hindrance if anything.

PC Building Simulator 2
Unicorn vomit! 😍

The audio in the game is about as much as you’d expect. There’s not much going on, but what you do hear sounds of high quality. The music in the game is quite upbeat and doesn’t seem repetitive.

Length & Replayability

You can continue to replay this one hour of the career and free-build mode until 20th June 2022 when the Open Beta of PC Building Simulator 2 will close.


So to round it off, this isn’t a full review, obviously. The game is in Open Beta and I just wanted to get my initial thoughts across to those who are interested in playing but not too sure.

To put it simply, if you enjoyed the first, you’ll absolutely love the sequel.

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