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Kickstarter: Anima Song From the Abyss

Anima Song from the Abyss is an ARPG with hack-and-slash elements where players can explore an interconnected world. It is the third instalment set in the world of Gaïa, based on the popular roleplaying book series Anima Beyond Fantasy. Anima Song from the Abyss was launched on September 5th on Kickstarter and is set to release in 2024.

The game takes you on a journey across the remains of an ancient civilization to discover its fall. You control two characters, the knight Soren and the strange entity Noein.

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About Anima Song from the Abyss

The sole surviving knight of the Heaven Order on the airship attempts to safeguard a valuable relic from ancient times. He unknowingly triggers a catastrophic event by releasing a legendary being that was once trapped.

As the zeppelin falls into the depths of a strange place known as the Abyss, the mysterious being offers a deal to the knight in exchange for his salvation. He needs to assist her in uncovering the cause of her civilization’s downfall and the reason for her confinement within the artefact.

In Song from the Abyss, you will embark on a journey to explore a vast, interconnected world. As you uncover mysteries, interact with diverse characters, and face various dangers, you will have the freedom to choose your own path. You will decide where to go, which enemies to face, which puzzles to solve, and who to trust.

Get ready to face off against epic bosses that will test your skills to their limits.

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Key Features

  • Dive into a gripping story, full of mysteries to uncover and wonders to unravel.
  • A deep and intuitive battle system that merges fast-paced real-time action with RPG elements.
  • Experience dynamic single-player gameplay by swapping between two different and unique characters.
  • Explore a rich, interconnected open world. Move back and forth between different environments and discover new areas and secrets.
  • Take on epic bosses ranging from massive wyrms to legendary monsters, each with their own distinct style and gameplay.
  • Interact with interesting characters and deepen your bond through dialogue and actions.
  • Each character can level up, unlock unique skills, and customize their weapons with countless combinations.
  • Multiple endings depending on your actions.

You can add the game to your Steam wishlist before its 2024 release. But before then, check out the Kickstarter and help it reach its funding goal.

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