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Kickstarter: To Pixelia

To Pixelia is a 2D Life-Sim game set in a little country called “Pixelia”. Your adventure starts as you move to Pixelia to create a new life for yourself from scratch. Create your own story, choose your character’s look and design your home. Climb the career ladder, compose songs, cook, fight, drive and care for your health. Live the life you’ve always wanted!

To Pixelia presents you with many unique interactions with hundreds of characters and various career options for you to pick from. Do you want to be a president? A rockstar? A basketball player? Maybe a best-seller writer? Or a hacker? All of them and many more are possible if you have enough ambition.

To Pixelia Key Features

Customize your character

With plenty of options for hairstyles, facial hair, pants, shirts, hats, tattoos and accessories, design your character’s appearance as you desire!

How you customize your character will play a role in your interactions with other Pixelians as your style contributes to your Charisma, increasing your chances for positive outcomes from your interactions.

Visit clothing stores to dress your character in any style you’d like. If you are bored with your hairstyle or colour, you can visit a barber to change it.

to pixelia ClothingShop

Design your home

Once you arrive at Pixelia, you can consider renting or buying a place. Start designing your property to make it feel more like home.

You will have hundreds of furniture options to choose from, giving you more freedom to find your style and give your place a unique look.

Later on, you can sell your Properties that are furnished with more valuable furniture can be sold for a higher price.

Different Jobs & Career Paths

Pixelia” was not built in a single day, nor will your career. Start with low-tier jobs such as cleaner, baker or butcher and make it to the top.

To land better-paying jobs, consider getting your degree from Pixelian Academy. Once you have your diploma, you will have access to jobs that pay much more salary.

For those who don’t like working, though, good news! There are many other alternative ways to make money that do not include ‘working’.

You can break into the properties of other Pixelians to steal their stuff. Or you can use your hacking skills to make a living, or you can simply use your brute force to beat up Pixelians and loot them.

You can also grab your guitar and just go outside and play music to people to get some money.

to pixelia Fightss 0

Character Needs

Your character will have six different stats and needs, each of them having a different impact on your character. These are Health, Energy, Hunger, Toilet, Hygiene and Mood.

The way to peace and happiness goes through these stats.

Rents & Bills: As your character just starts to learn how to stand on his/her feet, one of the most frustrating things he can find is paying bills and rent. Unpaid bills, no electricity. And the worst is, no water to have a shower! You wouldn’t want your smell to affect your social life, would you?

Create your band or political party: Depending on what your ambition is, you can either create your music band and start playing your songs to a bigger audience. If you wish to be one of the most influential men in Pixelia, you should get ready to create your political party. Hire assistants and convince the public of Pixelia why you should lead them.

to pixelia concert

Intriguing Dialogue system

There are about 200 Pixelians residing in Pixelia, which means you will have hundreds of unique characters to socialize with. Find out whom you will get along with. You can either insult, flirt, make a joke, threaten or maybe just have a chit-chat with them. That’s completely up to you!

Your interactions are influenced by Social Factors, which will either help you have successful or failed interactions.

Social Factors can be determined by many things. If you recently insulted a character or beat this person up, they will remember for a while and hold a grudge against you! This will lower your chance of improving your relationship.

to pixelia relationship

Diseases and medicines

From time to time, it is possible to get sick if your character is not eating well, not getting enough sleep or not paying enough attention to hygiene.

In such cases, it is wise to pay a visit to the doctor and get the right medicines if you don’t want it to get more serious.

Compose songs, write books or paint masterpieces

Do you have an artistic soul? Pixelia has always held a strong appreciation for the art. Put your talent to work, earn money from royalties and find your own spot in the Hall of Fame.

Why not take your guitar and perform on the streets? There’s so much that you can do!

Check out the Kickstarter here: To Pixelia by Possible — Kickstarter

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