Thumbstick Tuesday

Thumbstick Tuesday – 18th January 2022

Welcome to our Thumbstick Tuesday for 18th January 2022. This week has been pretty tame for both Ben and me. What have you been playing? Let us know in the comments section.


Ben has been investing more time into Football Manager 2022, as well as some others on the Xbox and Switch.

    • PC
      • Football Manager 2022
    • Xbox
      • Dead Cells
    • Nintendo Switch
      • Pokémon Brilliant Diamond
      • Aspire: Ina’s Tale

Dead Cells is a class game, if you’ve not played it, you really should check it out. They have added loads of content to the game since it launched.


It’s been a fairly quiet week for me with regards to a variety of games. I’ve been playing a bit of Forza Horizon 5 on Xbox, and getting back into Stranded Deep on the PC.

I cleared Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy on the PS5, a good game but not without its faults.

    • Switch
      • John Wick Hex
      • Down in Bermuda
    • PC
      • Stranded Deep
    • Xbox
      • Forza Horizon 5

Down in Bermuda is an absolutely brilliant game. I have cleared this 100% on my Switch, it’s currently on offer for 99p on the Nintendo eShop. Whilst it’s not an absolutely mind-blowing game, it is most certainly worth 99p!

I’m enjoying writing these up for people to see. Let us know in the comments what you think of Thumbstick Tuesday or if you have any game suggestions for either of us to check out. Also, check out our most recent news posts

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