Thumbstick Tuesday

Thumbstick Tuesday – 31st May 2022

Welcome to our Thumbstick Tuesday on 31st May 2022.

We’re back at it again, and we’ve been mixing it up again this week.

What have you been playing? Let us know in the comments section.


Ben has been smashing out a lot of Dead Cells and Football Manager 2022 this week.

    • PC
      • Football Manager 2022
      • Westmark Manor
    • Xbox
      • Dead Cells
      • Far Changing Tides
    • Nintendo Switch
      • Dead Cells

Ben has been mostly playing Dead Cells on his Nintendo Switch this week. Brutal gaming on the go, I like it.


This week I’ve mostly played Oceanhorn on the PS Vita and Dying Light 2 on PS5.

    • PC
      • Golfie – Review Coming Soon
    • PlayStation 5
      • Dying Light 2
      • SIFU
    • PS Vita
      • Oceanhorn

Crazy to think that the PS Vita is now 10 years old in Europe, it still holds up well too. Oceanhorn is a great game on it also. If you’ve not played it, I highly recommend you do. It’s on a large variety of platforms so easy enough to purchase and play.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Thumbstick Tuesday or if you have any game suggestions for either of us to check out. Also, check out our most recent news posts.

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