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Beyond Galaxyland announced by United Label

Indie publisher United Label today announced Beyond Galaxyland, a 2.5D adventure RPG set among the stars. Created by Chicago-based developer and music producer Sam Enright, the classic sci-fi movie-inspired adventure is scheduled to launch on PC, Nintendo Switch™, PlayStation™5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One later in 2024.

Moments before the cataclysmic destruction of Earth by an unknown celestial destroyer of worlds known only as the ‘The End’, high-schooler Doug is whisked away to Galaxyland – an idyllic, zoo-like solar system of planets. But is this so-called paradise truly as good as it seems? Doug embarks on a galactic quest alongside his gun-toting pet guinea pig Boom Boom, a sentient robot called MartyBot, and a whole host of equally whacky companions in a valiant effort to discover the truth behind Galaxyland and somehow undo the apocalypse of his Earth.

beyond galaxyland 03 Mother Brain

An all-new take on the beloved RPG adventures of old, players will pinball around many diverse planets, skyrocketing through teeming jungles, neon-lit cities, and cybernetic casinos. Beyond Galaxyland blends classic platforming and puzzle solving with an engaging active turn-based combat system and epic boss battles against the Universe’s ‘most wanted’.

beyond galaxyland 05 Desert Boss

Beyond Galaxyland key features

Active turn-based combat. Engage in strategic turn-based battles against a vast range of galactic nemeses, with time-responsive defensive gameplay to minimise damage. Each party member has a range of unique abilities at their disposal, but for an additional tactical advantage, sneakily scan your enemy pre-battle to discover their strengths and weaknesses.

Interplanetary exploration. From the blizzard-swept planes of Arcos to the tropical jungle ravines of Erros, the neon-buzzing cities of Neo to the arid sand dunes of Xalm, explore a cosmic cluster of unique worlds, each with its own quests, environmental puzzles, and out-of-this-world characters.

A classic sci-fi adventure. A semi-open 2.5D adventure-RPG in a classic sci-fi fish-out-of-water tale that pays homage to family-friendly adventure and sci-fi movies. Beyond Galaxyland’s story features laughter, loss, peril and friendship, all dipped in a dazzling layer of neon-tastic pixels.

beyond galaxyland 08 Purple Forest

Epic boss battles. Encounter 25 epic bosses throughout many extraterrestrial travels, including colossal space dragons, flesh eating flowers, and the all-knowing bionic behemoth that is the Nexus Mind.

Capture & utilise enemies. Successfully capture the many weird and wonderful creatures encountered on different worlds, each possessing exclusive abilities, and later unleash them during the heat of battle.

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