Bramble: The Mountain King

Bramble: The Mountain King is Out Now

The Nordic Horror inspired game, Bramble: The Mountain King is out now on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

The game is brought to us by developers Dimfrost Studios and publishers Merge Games (Slaycation Paradise, The Long Reach). There is also an introductory offer on Steam giving a 10% saving until May 4th 2023.

It’s A Grim Adventure

Bramble: The Mountain King will see players take on the role of young Olle, a brave boy who is still only young. He is called by fate to rescue his sister from the unsettling yet stunning environments in the world of Bramble.

The sprawling world around him most certainly dwarfs Olle, but he must be brave to save his sibling from the clutches of beasts in this hair-raising journey.

“We’re thrilled to finally bring the stunning but treacherous world of Bramble: The Mountain King to players worldwide,” remarked Luke Keighran, Managing Director of Merge Games. “Partnering with Dimfrost Studios, a key internal development studio within Maximum Entertainment Group, it has been an absolute pleasure and to watch this creation grow into something truly special. Bramble is a journey that will test players courage, wit and sanity. We can’t wait to see their reactions”

Key Features:  
  • Traverse the sinister world of Bramble on an emotional journey to find your sister
  • Unravel dark secrets and discover what lurks in the depths of your mind as you fight for courage
  • Beautiful art encapsulating story-driven gameplay with immersive cinematic moments
  • Encounter mythical creatures such as Näcken, the Skogsra, trolls, gnomes and more
  • Explore a sprawling landscape of tremendous heights and plunging depths inspired by Nordic nature

You can watch the trailer on YouTube via the link below, unfortunately, it’s age-restricted but it’s worth a watch. You can also check out our previous news or visit the official game for the site.

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