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Build A Colony with Time to Morp

Build A Colony & Become Friends With Quirky Little Creatures in ‘Time to Morp’, Playtest Available TODAY!

Explore wholesome new worlds and build a colony of playful creatures in Time to Morp, an adorable new base-building colony sim coming to PC via Steam later this year. Plus, for a limited time, meet the Morps and get your hands on an early look at the game with an exclusive new playtest, available to download now on Steam.

Published by Yogscast Games, Time to Morp is a game about weird and quirky creatures, building bases, exploring worlds, automation, research and much more. But, most importantly, it’s a game about friendship! Search for new resources, discover different biomes, climb mountains, find secrets or just chill near a lake while some sneaky Morp is trying to steal your sandwich…

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Morp?! Morps! A whole bunch of cute little creatures!

Some are friendly, some are not. Some bite and some just run in circles and scream. The most important part is – they MORPH!

Shapeshift, change, mutate, you name it! Feed a Morp metal to create a metal-producing creature, or create a Morp that digs resources from below. Mix and match to produce every resource you need.

Place fences, pipes, pumps, wires, decorations and lights and sit back in appreciation of a job well done and everyone living in peace and harmony. Or automate everything from Morp routes and food logistics to park visits and power consumption.

Play in single-player or invite your friends to play, explore, build and collectively wonder who fed fruit to an electrical Morp and now you don’t have enough electricity and oh my god why is that tree on fire!? Research, expand and unlock new gadgets, invent tools, craft vehicles and explore. And never complete the main story because you have this one thing you can optimise just a little bit more.

Time To Morp 4

“I love the fun, charm and humour that Team HalfBeard is bringing to Time to Morp, and think it’ll be a game that really resonates with base-building fans. We’ve had so much fun getting to know our Morps, so definitely check out the playtest while you can.” – Simon Byron, Director of Publishing at Yogscast Games.

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