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Bullet-Hell Beckons: Rising Heat is coming next year!

Rising Heat, the sci-fi horde survival shooter from indie publisher Apogee Entertainment and developer Fuzzy Sock Studios is set to launch on Windows PC via Steam in Q1 2025.

Enter the infamous Rising Heat tournament, a gladiator-style spaceship spectacle backed by the exorbitantly wealthy extraterrestrial elite. Wingmen from across the cosmos test their skills and compete for a chance to achieve a prestigious victory. Start with a single ship and pilot and manoeuvre towards survival to unlock fellow wingmen and vessels with different strengths.

rising heat lava map

Take to the alien skies and open fire on multiplying mobs of relentless enemy scum. Master a dynamic movement system to dart and barrel-roll across the map. Dodge legions of robotic insects and evade devastating shockwaves with ease. Dash through giant mechanized flying robot swarms while targeting them for defeat. Rain metal debris onto the vast arena from the successes of your destructive attacks.

Craft the ultimate ship

Tactically choose from more than 60 game-changing upgrades to craft the ultimate ship build that complements each pilot’s peculiarities. Experiment and optimize with a plethora of customizations. Prioritize various stats, including damage, fire rate, reload time, armour, mobility, and max clip capacity, to plan for every situation and playstyle.

rising heat flower enemy

Utilize on-hit effects that function as permanent buffs to your firepower. Inflict bleed effects to add damage over time, and add freeze effects to temporarily stop enemies from advancing. Complete run after run to unlock a diverse array of pilots, ships, and weapons, each with its own distinctive starting attributes and passive abilities. Once armed and ready, conquer demanding, multi-stage boss battles with complex attack patterns to earn untold wealth and stardom.

Team up with a friend for tandem wave-clearing chaos inspired by Atari’s 1982 arcade hit, Space Duel, as well as Apogee’s most recent multiplayer hit title, Bread & Fred, where co-op cruisers are tethered by a deadly energy beam. Harmonize manoeuvres for added attack power, but beware of uncoordinated movements that can yank teammates into danger.

rising heat flower boss

“There is no right way to play, every pilot-weapon-upgrade combo has its pros and cons. Rising Heat empowers commanders to experiment with an unimaginable amount of interchangeable builds to absolutely annihilate mobs of challenging creatures and dangerous bosses.” – Ronnie Lusso, Project Lead for Fuzzy Sock Studios.

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