Chivalry 2

Chivalry 2 Coming To Steam

Torn Banner Studios are pleased to announce that they are bringing Chivalry 2 to Steam on June 12th 2022. Chivalry 2 will also receive a huge content update named Tenosian Invasion.

In this update, players can most certainly look forward to a ton of new content. This content includes four new maps, the fierce Tenosian faction, new armoury items, weapon skins, and more.

Chivalry 2
Have fun with your horses.

Also, for the first time ever in Chivalry, we will be able to combat our opponents on horseback. Mounted combat is coming! Sounds like a lot of fun. There will also be a new console server browser so you can join friends cross-platform.


The maps of the Tenosian Invasion update:

  • The Breach of Baudwyn (Team Objective Map)
    • Tenosians break through a Mason Bulwark with siege equipment, including the new explosive Bombards.
  • The Razing of Askandir (Team Objective Map)
    • Masons invade a Tenosian port city, aiming to demolish their lighthouse and burn down their massive library.
  • The Charge of Wardenglade (Team Deathmatch Map)
    • The classic open field, now with cavalry!
  • Desert (Team Deathmatch Map)
    • A battle on the outskirts of Baudwyn in the dark, cold night.
Chivalry 2
One of the new maps

So this comes across as a pretty huge content update. Kudos to Torn Banner Studios!

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. Also, should you want to, you can wishlist on Chivalry 2 on Steam now.

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