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Chronicles of 2 Heroes – a 16bit Metroidvania

Developers Infinity Experience and publisher Catness Game Studios have taken to Kickstarter for a stunning new game. Chronicles of 2 Heroes.  Set between 400 and 600 AD in Ancient Japan, you will play as two siblings who have the hopes of Japan on their shoulders.  you get into the imperial capital of Osaka to steal the three sacred treasures, the empress’ source of power. Kensei the samurai and Ayame the kunoichi. They will fight their way to bring back peace to the land. The aim – to get into the imperial capital of Osaka to steal the three sacred treasures, Empress Imiko’s source of power.

And who doesn’t love some beautiful 16-bit artwork in games? Thankfully the art style has been kept alive over the years and it looks better than ever. It’s a classic style but with much better sprites and fluid animation. There’s a lot of still love about the style and it honestly gets us excited for games still. It’s an art form in its own right and we love seeing how good games can look with minimal detail.

Games like ITORAH show what can be done with the style. And just take a look at Chronicles of 2 Heroes and tell me that this doesn’t look absolutely stunning!


Chronicles of 2 Heroes is an intense 16-bit action platformer with Metroidvania elements, a feudal Japan setting, and a singular mechanic: you can switch between the two main characters in real-time! Both the Samurai and the Kunoichi have unique, surprising combat styles. The Samurai wields a katana and is a perfect war machine, but he lacks the ability to jump and to attack from distance. On the other hand, the Kunoichi is as fast as fragile and uses ninjutsu and range attacks. You will have to change between playstyles to defeat Amaterasu and her numerous, fearsome minions.


Switch between the protagonists in real-time. Kensei is a samurai who wields a lethal katana, but he lacks the ability to jump. Ayame the kunoichi is as fast as fragile and uses ranged attacks. Combine their skills to save feudal Japan!

Overcome old-school platforming challenges. Although retro platformers are our main reference, we tried to bring the most satisfying, modern experience to the table. Ayame can jump gracefully while Kensei will dash through enemies and platforms.

Fast-paced combat. Chronicles of 2 Heroes’ offers a tight combat system that changes depending on which character you control. The samurai guarantees breathtaking duels using its katana and the ability to parry. The kunoichi can vanish behind the enemy to avoid close combat or damage foes from a distance.

Unlock up to 20 powerful abilities. During their journey, Ayame and Kensei will upgrade their abilities. From smashing the ground and stunning your enemies to double jumping and reaching higher platforms. These siblings can learn a lot of new tricks!


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Digital copies of the game are available from €20. For that, you can get it on PC or console, your name in the credits and an exclusive wallpaper for PC and mobile.

For €30 you also get a digital artbook and a digital copy of the soundtrack.

Pledge €40 and you get all the above along with exclusive Beta Access where you can test the latest versions of the game. You also get exclusive access to their Discord channel to provide feedback and help in making Chronicles of 2 Heroes to be the best game it can be.

If you’re a physical collector, then €55 will give you a limited edition physical copy for PS4/5 or the Nintendo Switch. You will get an extra digital copy and some of the goodies from the previous tiers. If you want that Beta access with the physical copy, then you need to pledge €80. You also get a Kensei pin as a little bonus.

If you’re a hardcore collector you can pledge €100 and get very, very limited collector’s edition of Chronicles of 2 Heroes. That includes the physical game, an art book, a CD with the soundtrack and other goodies, all packed in a self-contained box.

There’s a load more tiers above that, so check out the Kickstarter for more details.

Kickstarter Link: Chronicles of 2 Heroes – a 16bit Metroidvania

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