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Daedalic Entertainment Publisher Steam Sale

Daedalic Entertainment is inviting players to celebrate their massive portfolio with their sale which is now live on Steam from 6 PM GMT on March 13th through March 16th at 6 PM GMT.

Up to 90% off!

The sale sees discounts on a huge variety of games so there should be at least one game for everyones taste here.

Some examples that are on offer are below:

  • Barotrauma – 25% Off – £22.49
  • Cryofall – 75% Off – £4.24
  • Children of Silentown – 25% Off – £12.74
  • Jars – 75% Off – £2.49
  • Insurmountable – 70% Off – £5.69
  • Shift Happens – 90% Off – £1.29
  • Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun – 90% Off – £3.49
  • Valhalla Hills – 90% Off – £0.51 – Yes, Fifty-One Pence.

So yeah as you can see the variety is quite wide, as is the discount on the games. I’m blown away that some games are less than a quid. At that price what’s to lose? A shitty cup of coffee from a vending machine?

Not only are Daedlic Entertainment pleased to announce the sale, but they are also celebrating the release of four new titles.

  • Barotrauma Full Release 1.0
  • Life of Delta Early Access
  • Potion Tycoon Early Access
  • Rough Justice ’84 Early Access

If you’re interested to see more of the games on sale, visit the official Steam Sale page!

You can watch a portfolio trailer of some of their games below. Also, you can check out our previous news. If you wish to read more about the games Daedalic Entertainment offers you can visit their official website.

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