Endlight Releases On 28th July!

Endlight, the visually striking, chaotic action indie game from Bigpants is due to release on July 28th 2023. This is the team of two’s debut game so spread the word loud and wide! Personally I love indie games so this one is definitely on my watch list.

Works Perfectly on Steam Deck!

The game looks absolutely crazy and reminds me of a game I’ve played before but I can’t quite put my finger on it. One game it does remind me of is Smash Hit which I played on iOS some years ago.

So yeah the game releases very soon, below are some key features which Jim at Bigpants sent through to us. It’s great to see that the game will work perfectly on the Steam Deck too.

The game has so far been ten years in the making, so it must be so good for Bigpants to be so close to the release date. Congratulations!

Key Features:
  • Very chaotic, incredibly dense, visually striking. No game has ever looked or felt like Endlight. It actually hypnotizes me somewhat.
  • You CANNOT replay levels. Game is NOT infinite. Play 100+ levels and you’re done (until we release FREE monthly DLC). In 2023 does anyone want to replay levels? Hopefully not.
  • There will be ONE yearly challenge held on Dec. 9. Win “The Right To Replay”. Forget Christmas, this is going to be AN EVENT.
  • The Unstuck Guarantee – You’ll NEVER get stuck on a level. Getting GUD helps, but is not necessary. Who are we to judge?
  • You can’t pick levels. Picking levels has always been an illusion of choice, and just adds to decision fatigue. We pick the level you really want to play (and remove it if it bothers you)
  • Time taken and distance travelled don’t matter. Levels can be finished in seconds or hours. Nothing better than instantly finishing a level. You’ll see.
  • Smashing is an integral part of the gameplay, why dodge when you can smash?
  • The first person “bonus” levels are visual marvels
  • Everything procedurally generated, but we have different procedural generators for each level (ensures outputs don’t get repetitive)

If you’re interested in buying Endlight or adding to your wish list, you can visit the official Steam page.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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