Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition Out Now

Endzone – A World Apart: Survivor Edition is now available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S!

The smash-hit post-apocalyptic survival sim from Gentlymad Studio has today launched onto the aforementioned platforms. Up until today, the game was a PC exclusive.

Not only do you get the base game of Endzone – A World Apart but you also get the first DLC that launched, which is titled “Prosperity”.

Survive and Thrive

The game is available digitally for both the Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles at a price of£44.59. With thanks to Koch Media, as a physical release for PlayStation 5 for £44.99.

The graphics look pretty impressive.

Key Features of the Endzone Console Release:

  • Full UI overhaul: Specially geared to controllers – provides for a comfortable and up-to-date gameplay experience for current-gen consoles

  • A Bustling Community: The settlement is rarely quiet or dull; fulfill over 90 side missions, all of which are rich in variety and cater to the various needs of your community’s inhabitants

  • Build, Expand, Survive: With more than 90 different buildings to construct and maintain. Including power stations, shelters, water treatment plants, and, unfortunately, cemeteries, colony architects have a vast selection of structures from which to create a flourishing community

  • Can’t We Order In?: To get fresh supplies and learn new information, scouting parties must engage in Expeditions — which involves leaving the safety of the colony and   venturing out into the dangerous wasteland to scavenge valuable resources

  • Dynamic Radiation Simulator: Keep those iodine pills handy. Endzone features realistic radiation and humidity values. This forces players to take into account important details about the soil in which they grow their crops

Have you played Endzone – A World Apart before? Let us know in the comments! Keep your eyes on the site as we will have a review on here soon.

You can watch the trailer below. Also, you can check out our previous news or take a look at the official Endzone website.

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