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Experience Ark of Charon during Steam Next Fest

Prepare to cultivate your courage and embark on a journey to bring balance to the world in Sunsoft’s Ark of Charon, debuting at Steam’s upcoming Next Fest before it branches onto Steam Early Access on July 9th! This distinct blend of colony simulation and tower-defending arrives at Next Fest on June 10th. The demo offers players the chance to experience the beginning of this dangerous journey ahead of release.

Set in a harsh world where the life-bringing World Tree is lost, take on the role of a caretaker and nurture the tree’s colossal sapling. Alongside your quest to guide the sapling to its nursery, you can grow a settlement on the creature’s back. You’ll be constructing a sprawling network of buildings as you carefully manage the limited space along with the forces of gravity that can bring your housing hopes crashing back down.

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The helpful familiars will inhabit your sapling-based settlement and fulfil an array of roles. They will harvest crops, forage food, and mine for resources, all of which you can invest into new buildings as you expand your small enclave into a bustling fortress on the move. You can also harness relics of the past to strengthen the colony and discover new ways of surviving the night.

This verdant voyage is no walk in the park, however. Along the way, you will encounter ferocious foes eager to nip the sapling’s progress in the bud as they are drawn to the life forces it exudes. Build formidable defences to shield your sapling from harm. Strategically deploy an assortment of towers and traps to weed out those who threaten your quest.

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The Tree-ture List

  • Fulfil the role of the World Tree’s caretaker and restore life to a world consumed by evil.
  • Construct a thriving settlement on the sapling’s back, managing limited space and the forces of gravity.
  • Gather resources with the help of familiars, and discover lost human technologies in
    the earth below.
  • Fortify settlements with weapons and defenses to fend off the creatures drawn to the
    sapling’s life force.
  • Experience the game early during Steam Next Fest from June 10-17th.

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Ark of Charon arrives in Steam Early Access on July 9th. Keen caretakers will be able to get a taste of what’s to come with its upcoming Steam Next Fest demo. They can experience this bespoke blend of colony simulation and tower defence firsthand.

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