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Experimental murder mystery DEAD MEAT coming to Steam in 2024

Script Compass, winner of Creative StartUp of the Year 2023, announced a collaboration with indie games studio Meaning Machine on a new game called DEAD MEAT.

London-based Script Compass is a top-tier narrative and screenplay development company. They have co-authored an innovative murder-mystery game, called DEAD MEAT, where players can use their own words to interrogate a suspect. The game is scheduled to be released on Steam in 2024 and is already available to wishlist on Steam.

It tells the story of Lucia, a robotics engineer who’s just killed her husband… probably. It’s your job to get that all-important confession. Using your own words to manipulate, persuade, threaten, or even seduce them into ‘fessing up. But be warned: Lucia’s no pushover. So you’ll have to get creative – employing classic strategies you’ve seen in the movies or even inventing entirely new ones.

Dead Meat I never intended for it to escalate

DEAD MEAT Features

  • Interrogate the murder suspect in your own words!
  • Read the suspect’s mind to find new angles on the case!
  • Employ classic interrogation strategies… or make up your own!
  • See the emotional impact of your words on the suspect!
  • Piece together a macabre story involving hamburgers!

You [don’t] know my methods, Watson…

Unlike classic detective games that offer limited ways to interact with suspects and glean information from witnesses. DEAD MEAT lets you decide exactly how you question Lucia. Ask her anything, and she’ll respond accordingly. Manipulate, threaten, persuade or seduce your way to finding out the exact details of her heinous crime. 

Read minds and uncover truths.

Luckily, you’ll be helped on your detective journey by the trusty Mind Reader 3000, a device that (funnily enough) lets you read Lucia’s mind. A vital tool in every crime solver’s arsenal. Use what you’ve learned to get closer to the truth and secure a confession before her lawyers arrive!

The game is afoot.

Whilst Lucia is maybe definitely guilty, you won’t be able to get a confession out of her until 2024, when DEAD MEAT deduces its way onto Steam.

Dead Meat Robots

“We are really excited to explore the new creative possibilities unlocked for screenwriters and narrative designers by author-led machine learning. As members of the Writers Guild of Great Britain, we’re passionate advocates for ethical AI and protecting writers. We believe that AI, used ethically and responsibly, can be a powerful tool to enhance human writers and human creativity. Dead Meat is the beginning of an amazing new period of artistic experimentation”. – Script Compass founders Roland Walters and Byron McNally.

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