Fabledom Demo Coming Soon!

Fabledom developers, Grenaa Games cordially invites everyone to a hands-on demo during Steam Next Fest!

Steam Next Fest will be live from February 6th until February 13th, 2023.

Once upon a Village…

The demo offers players a 30-minute sneak peek into the game before it launches on Steam Early Access early this Spring.

As a tribute to the demo, Grenaa Games has also released a new teaser trailer. This trailer shows how you can make a curious hamlet your own. Fabledom will bring the fablings as they go about their days farming, fighting, building, and sleeping!


It’s your task to design their ideal domain and ensure their happiness.

The game is set in a kingdom that would suit a storybook. There are trolls, princesses, and knights too! It offers a very relaxing and casual approach to the city-building genre.

Of course, with all good fairytales, there is always something wicked on the horizon. Make sure you fortify your fortress as well as fight neighbouring colonies for dominion over the realm.

So far, this game sounds like a modern take on the classic The Settlers franchise which I absolutely loved!

“We’re excited to share the first playable demo of Fabledom with the public, as we can’t wait to hear what players think of it,” said Max Nielsen, Owner/ Game Designer of Grenaa Games. “We hope it gives players a good idea of Fabledom’s quietly enchanting tone and friendly atmosphere, while also offering a city builder that can be as casual or in depth as you want it to be.”

You can watch the trailer below as well as adding to your Steam wishlist. You can also check out our previous news.

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