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Farmer’s Dynasty 2 Features Realistic STIHL Equipment for Farming and Craftsmanship

Fans of Farmer’s Dynasty can now enjoy an even more realistic farming and craftsmanship experience as Toplitz Productions partners with STIHL, the global leader in chainsaws. This collaboration allows for the authentic inclusion of STIHL’s high-quality power equipment in Farmer’s Dynasty 2.

Whether sawing, cutting, mowing, or cleaning, whether powered by gasoline or battery, STIHL products not only make work in the great outdoors easier in real life but also bring an even more authentic simulation of rural life to the Farmer’s Dynasty community.

The meticulous representation of STIHL products in the game promises an unparalleled gaming experience, providing players with the opportunity to experience the quality and performance of real devices in the digital world.

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Increased realism in Farmer’s Dynasty 2

Toplitz Productions is excited about this significant partnership and the trust placed in them by STIHL. The integration of STIHL products in Farmer’s Dynasty 2 marks another step towards increased realism and higher quality.

Agriculture enthusiasts can look forward to an expanded selection of high-quality digital tools and equipment to manage their virtual farms and gardens efficiently.

Stefan Berger, Head of Business Development at Toplitz Productions, is enthusiastic about the collaboration: “The Farmer’s Dynasty community consists largely of farmers, craftsmen, and individuals who enjoy working in their free time. Connecting real machinery with the digital world of gaming is a perfect complement. Through our collaboration with STIHL, we bring the authenticity of high-quality tools into our virtual world, and we are convinced that it will be even more enjoyable to work in the forest with the lifelike representation of an STIHL chainsaw or maintain the garden with STIHL lawnmowers.”

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Farmer’s Dynasty 2 is set to release in 2024, offering familiar gameplay and new features for farmers. Whether you want to build your own farm, take care of your crops and animals, or explore the vast open world, Farmer’s Dynasty will provide you with a satisfying and rewarding experience.

Check out the official Steam page for more information.

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