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Gearbox Launches Blanc on Nintendo Switch and PC

Gearbox Publishing and developer Casus Ludi has released Blanc, an emotionally powerful cooperative adventure. It is available now on Nintendo Switch, Steam, and Epic Games Store.

In Blanc, you will play as a fawn and wolf cub working together to find their missing families after a massive snowstorm. Players will have to team up to solve environmental puzzles, overcome obstacles, and rely on each creature’s strengths to return home.

Blanc’s serene atmosphere and breathtaking black-and-white art will engross players in this emotional and cosy journey. The environments of Blanc were completely hand-drawn and translated into 3D, creating a stunning and unique visual style. Blanc features a simple control scheme. Only two buttons and an analogue stick are needed to control each character. This, along with the game’s lack of combat, game over screens, dialogue or text, ensures that any player can experience Blanc regardless of age, language, or gaming experience. Blanc is designed to inspire cooperation and is at its best when played with friends or family. 

“Taking our first ever game from a humble proof of concept created during a game jam to the beautiful, co-op focused experience it is today has been quite a journey. We have learned a lot as storytellers. We hope that the unique hand-drawn art, focus on cooperation, and cozy feeling experienced while playing will inspire everyone to find the fawn to their wolf cub and spend quality time together.” – Florent de Grissac, Co-founder of Casus Ludi and Game Designer on Blanc


Blanc Key Features

  • An Emotional Journey: Experience the poetic tale of a wolf cub and fawn lost in a sudden snowstorm. They will have to lean on each other to find their respective families again.
  • Breathtaking Hand-Crafted Art: Immerse yourself in the beautiful black-and-white pen-influenced art style in breathtaking 3D.
  • Find Your Way Home: Each animal has its own strengths that will help in navigating the serene, snowy landscapes. Simple controls featuring two buttons and an analogue stick ensure anyone can play Blanc.
  • Co-operation Required: Two players take control of either the wolf cub or the fawn. Guide them through the environment, unforgiving weather, and obstacles that you must face together. Build a relationship together locally on the same screen or from far away with online play.

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