God of War Ragnarök

God of War Ragnarök Release Date Announced

Oh my days, God of War Ragnarök has had an official release date confirmed. November 9th 2022. That’s when PS4 and PS5 players will be able to play the sequel to the 2018 hit game, God of War, from Santa Monica Studio.

You Challenge Me, Mortal?

Preorders will open on July 15th at 10 am “Local Time”. The game takes place three years after the first. It’s set during Fimbulwinter, a great winter that lasts three summers, and it’s drawing to a close. Once Fimbulwinter is over, the prophesied Ragnarök will take place. It’s down to Kratos and Atreus to traverse the nine realms to seek a means to prevent Ragnarök.

This will more than likely be a day one purchase for me due to how much I absolutely loved God of War on the PS4, I was very proud of that platinum trophy especially after it took me seven hours straight to defeat Sigrun!

Once you’ve watched the new “Father and Son” cinematic trailer below, you can check out our previous news. Should you wish to, you can read more on the Official PlayStation Blog page for God of War Ragnarök. Let us know in the comments if you’re excited for this game and its release in November!

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