Golf with your Friends

Golf With Your Friends Sports Update Out Now!

Great news for Golf with your Friends fans! The new “Sports Update” is now live and available to all players on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. There is also a new cosmetic sports pack available to buy.

Golf with your Friends
Reminds me of Gingey from Shrek.

Fancy A Round?

The Sports Update lets players harness horizontal power and swap out their balls for pucks in an enhanced Hockey mode, as well as shoot for three-point power and alley-oops in Dunk mode.

Alongside the free update is a new Sports Cosmetic Pack which gives players more ways to style their balls on the fairway for £1.99.

Golf with your Friends
Can you get a three-pointer?

That’s not all, Team17 has also announced a free weekend event. This will take place on Steam from the 15th to the 19th of September. There is also a 67% discount on Steam during this free weekend.

Xbox players that have Xbox Live Gold will be able to take part in some Xbox Free Play Days from the 15th of September through to the 18th, there will also be a 75% discount on the Microsoft Store for players to take advantage of.

Golf With Your Friends Key Features:

  • Vibrant themed courses: 14 challenging 18-hole courses set across lively themes including Candyland, Haunted, Pirate Cove, Forest and more, and the newly released premium Bouncy Castle course

  • 12-player par-ty: Play with up to 12 friends in simultaneous putting action

  • Game-changing effects: Power-up pick-ups that can trap foe…friends in honey, turn them into random shapes and even freeze yourself mid-air!

  • Multiple game modes: Explore wacky challenges aside from the traditional game of mini golf, choose from Classic, Dunk and Hockey game modes or even customise your own!

  • Make the ball your own: Customisation options include skin, hats, and trails to personalise the golfing experience

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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