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Greak: Memories Of Azure New Releases!

Great news for those who are playing on the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles. Greak: Memories Of Azure is out now on all platforms including the aforementioned. Alongside the new platform releases, there has been the announcement of some new content coming to the game.

Some of the new content headed to Greak is below. You can check out the Steam page for the full patch notes.

  • A new boss encounter has been added to the later stages of the game! To avoid spoilers, we won’t reveal its exact location! : )
  • A new playable cinematic sequence!
  • Reworked area map! – The map will now better reflect the different areas in Azur!
  • New Item – Azur Infusion – There will now be a new item that, once it is consumed, it can resurrect the character who is carrying it in the inventory!
  • New Accessibility Settings -,Automatic Hookshot: Raydel’s hookshot will attach automatically to the closest target.
  • Invulnerable Companions – You can choose to activate a magic barrier around the Inactive characters that will prevent them from taking any damage.
  • New Contextual Loading Screens – We have added new illustrations on key moments of the game to provide additional context about the story.

This actually makes me excited to play Greak: Memories Of Azure. This is one of those games I purchased on disc for PS5 and never played, let me know in the comments if I should get stuck in!

You can watch the accolades trailer for Greak: Memories Of Azure below. Head on over to the Team17 site to see where you can purchase the game. Read some of our other news.

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