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Green Hell Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 Coming Soon to Consoles!

Creepy Jar is pleased to announce to their patient fans that the Spirits of Amazonia Part 3 update will be coming to console versions of Green Hell on December 14th, 2022!

Be Prepared For Your Toughest Challenge Yet!

PC players have had this update for a while and Creepy Jar is very thankful to fans of the console version of Green Hell for sticking around and being patient.

This is the final piece of the thrilling Spirits of Amazonia trilogy in Green Hell. This means that console players have now caught up to their PC-playing counterparts. Console players will need to prove their strength and help Jake travel even deeper into the epic Amazonian mystery.

Key Features:
  • Introducing the Habukku, an Amazonian fishing tribe
  • Three ritual arenas—themed for each of the tribes
  • A new region with lots of locations to explore
  • 4 new legends
  • A brand new AI, the creepy-crawly Centipede
  • 2 new activities, 2 new weapons, a new pottery mechanic, and more
  • Jake’s journey with the Spirits of Amazonia reaches its epic end

Creepy Jar would like to thank all of the Green Hell community for their patience as they waited for the Spirits of Amazonia conclusion on consoles. The development team is endlessly appreciative of the support and understanding from passionate players on both the PlayStation and Xbox consoles.

You can watch the trailer below, there is also an official website for the game. You can also check out our previous news.

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