Horizon Chase Mobile Edition

Horizon Chase Mobile Edition New DLC

It’s Golden Week, and that means something other than sales in the digital world. Horizon Chase Mobile Edition has a new in-game DLC available to purchase. This is currently on offer during Golden Week giving you the chance to snap up the DLC for 50% off.

Horizon Chase Mobile

The Golden Japan DLC brings 9 new tracks, a new car aptly named the Déjà Vu which has 5 skins in total, and more. You may recognise the design of the Déjà Vu, it looks a lot like the Toyota AE86!

A Japanese Classic

Via a press release, developers AQUIRIS say the below:

With this new content, AQUIRIS wants to join the Golden Week celebration and bring the Horizon Chase Mobile Edition community closer to the imposing Japanese architecture, colorful gardens and beautiful landscapes, among others. Players will be able to own the new, fast and easy to handle Déjà Vu car, which is a reference to the theme song of a famous racing anime series. In addition, the pack also includes 4 unlockable skins and 9 brand new tracks.

Horizon Chase Mobile
The Déjà Vu and it’s many colourways.

You can watch the trailer below. Should you wish to check this out in more detail you can visit the official Horizon Chase site. You can also check out our previous news.

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