HYPERVIOLENT Releases This Week!

It has today been announced that the Old-School Sci-Fi shooter HYPERVIOLENT will launch onto PC early access on April 6th 2023. The game is being developed by Terminist Arcade and published by Fulqrum Publishing. It will be available on Steam, GOG, and Epic Games Store.

HYPERVIOLENT is a Brutal Old-School Shooter!

The game is inspired by classic sprite-based 3D games from the good ol’ 90s. You know the types, Wolfenstein, Doom, Quake… If you don’t know of any of these from the 90s then you really should go look them up. They’re essentially the grandfathers of FPS games!

HYPERVIOLENT sees players stranded on a remote asteroid-based mining colony called Commodus Asteroid 27-C. As they always do, things go haywire and you’re soon to be wielding some top-notch weapons to slay the monstrous foes in your way. Speaking of guns, the game has an extensive array of melee and guns that can be dual-wielded providing the player with endless combinations of their weapons.

The devs have released an early access roadmap and also key features of the game which you can see below.

Early Access Roadmap
  • Early Access Update #1
    • Level 6
    • Low Gravity mechanic
    • 4 new weapons
    • 2 new enemies
    • 1 new boss
    • Neural-Implant Possession Mechanic
  • Early Access Update #2
    • Level 7
    • 2 new weapons
    • 4 new enemies
    • 6 Degrees of Freedom spaceship flying mechanic, including some sections where the player may leave their ship for a period of time.
  • Full Release
    • Levels 8 – 11
    • 6 new weapons
    • Full localization
    • Coop multiplayer for up to 4 players
    • PvP multiplayer modes
    • Various optimization and quality-of-life improvements
Key Features:
  • Gorgeous 3D / Pixel Hybrid Explore the rich environments of the I.E.C. Commodus station and paint them with viscera, rendered in a combination of classic low-poly 3D, and hand-crafted 1990s pixel art aesthetic.

  • Intense horror atmosphere Feel the dread of exploring the dark, claustrophobic corridors of an asteroid mine, stranded deep in space. Nobody can help you, nobody can save you, nobody can hear you scream.

  • Brutal combat Dual-wield more than 20 unique ranged and melee weapons to obliterate insane and monstrous enemies, but don’t get cocky – manage your resources, you don’t want to run out of ammo in a boss fight…

  • RPG / FPS mechanics Manage your inventory, upgrade weapons, interact with NPCs, & peruse through computer data logs to further your mission in this exciting, authentically nostalgic experience.

  • Use the environment to your advantage Utilise switches, computer terminals, keycards & other control mechanisms to navigate the labyrinthian station and manipulate your environment.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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