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Illuminaria is launching today on Steam

Illuminaria launches on Steam today from Selva Interactive. Illuminaria is a base-building game with bright and unique gameplay is launching today on Steam!

In Illuminaria, the mechanics are simplified in a unique way. The player controls a swarm of robots who are smart enough to decide which task to do next based on the swarm’s intelligence and the player’s input. Building and gathering resources take only a few clicks from the user. The game combines several genres in the strategy spectrum, like tower defence, auto battlers, and base-building, straightforwardly and engagingly.

The game has two main objectives: Lighting beacons (to clear the darkness from the world) and liberating bases that enemies have taken over. To fulfil those tasks, the player will need to build multiple bases with warehouses and different resource-producing machines. At the same time, players will defend their bases from enemies of darkness that will attempt to steal and destroy their resources. Players will also visit expeditions to find rare materials and fight in auto battles. 

The game takes place on a planet in an unknown part of the universe. Centuries ago, this planet was full of life. Then, darkness appeared and took it all away. The Illumi, the world’s inhabitants, tried to stop the blight but couldn’t do it on time. So as a last resort, they created an automated system to save the world. It’s now up to the player to control this high-tech system and restore light to save Illuminaria.

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Illuminaria Features

  • Control a swarm of robots using simple interactions.
  • Defend your bases from incoming attacks.
  • Build multiple bases and manage them all at the same time.
  • Venture into dungeon-like expeditions to auto-battle and find precious relics.
  • Research new technologies in different regions.
  • Liberate the world by lighting beacons and crafting your army.
  • Uncover the lore of why the world is now covered in darkness, and it’s your job to save it.

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