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Into the Emberlands: A New Cosy Exploration

Step into the enchanting world of the Emberlands! The mysterious Miasma has engulfed the world, despite the peaceful Knacks calling it their home. The Miasma has plunged everything into darkness. As the chosen Lightbearer, you are equipped with a lantern filled with radiant Ember. With the help of its light, you can cut through the thick shroud of darkness and venture out across different biomes. Your mission is to save those who have strayed from the path and become lost in the darkness. Into the Emberlands is developed by Tiny Roar from Hamburg, Germany and is set to be released on Steam Early Access this summer.

In this cosy exploration game with a rogue-lite twist, you have a clear mission. Rescue the Knacks that lost their way out in the wilds and lead them back to safety. Collect a wide assortment of resources to rebuild and expand the village, and transform it into a safe haven for the Knacks! But be aware: If your lantern’s light fades while you’re out in the wild, you will become a lost one yourself, and the next Lightbearer will need to step into your shoes…

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Traverse various treacherous yet fascinating procedurally generated landscapes and biomes that make each new adventure different from the last. Every biome offers unique challenges and encounters, each needing you to adapt your playstyle if you want to succeed.

Speaking of encounters

The Emberlands is not just home to the Knacks, but to many other fantastical creatures! From lazy trolls and out-of-control scientists to… chickens?! They all offer their own quests and bargains to you. While some of them may be rather dubious, they all promise unique rewards, from resources and tools to upgrades to your equipment. Choose which offers you are willing to take – it’s all up to you!

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As you bring back precious resources and answer the calls of the Knacks, aiding them in rebuilding stores and homes. Your village will expand and thrive, paving the way for future exploration. Each addition to your village brings you one step closer to unlocking the mysteries of the Miasma.

Into the Emberlands invites players to venture out, explore the secrets that the vibrant Emberlands hold, and meet its many quirky inhabitants along the way.
Embrace the call of adventure, banish the Miasma and bring light back to the Emberlands!

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Into the Emberlands evolved from Tiny Roar’s former project Wanderful. Thanks to Tiny Roar’s open and iterative development approach, the game advanced far from the initial concept. This led to the decision to give the project a new name that suits the game better.

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