Kill It With Fire 2

Kill It With Fire 2 Releases Soon!

Great news for those who like to slaughter spiders, Kill It With Fire 2 will launch on Steam Early Access on April 16th 2024!

Slay the Spireders.

Sorry. I’ll refrain from trying to be funny in the future.

Anyway, back to the game. As you may have guessed, this is a sequel to the 2020 hit game, Kill It With Fire. Just like the original, the sequel is brought to us by Casey Donnellan Games and tinyBuild.

To help contain your excitement, Casey Donnellan has premiered the first developer diary in a new series of what’s to come.

You can watch the new devlog here.

It’s quite interesting as it shows us how the huge success of the first game led to some of the sequel’s creative choices.

In Kill It With Fire 2 we will be able to exterminate those little critters across the multiverse! The game will bring us new species, and otherworldly locations like the Spider City and Haunted Mansion. Each will have its own set of challenges, weaponry, and discoveries.

This sequel will introduce new ways to slay with fresh gameplay mechanics. For example, there is potion brewing in the Artois Manor! The game will also introduce all-new weapon upgrades. It will also bring us multiplayer with Spider Hunt and a co-op campaign.

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. For more about this game, you can visit the official Steam page.

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