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Kwalee to publish co-op escape room puzzle game “In Sink”

Kwalee, a leading UK games publisher, has announced a partnership with Clock Out Games for their upcoming stylized multiplayer co-op adventure game, “In Sink.” The game was announced in 2022, and its prologue has already amassed over a million downloads on Steam.

Players can join “In Sink” with a friend to embark on a co-operative adventure where being shipwrecked is just the beginning. On this peculiar island, you will leap through portals to puzzling locations, each with its own peculiarities and unique themes. As you navigate these places together, you will start to unravel the island’s mysteries. To succeed, you will need to think creatively and find your way out of challenging situations.

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About In Sink

Explore “In Sink” with a friend and embark on a cooperative adventure that begins with a shipwreck! Journey through portals to alternate worlds where you will tackle various themed escape rooms, puzzles, and mysteries. You will need to collaborate and communicate effectively to conquer each challenge. As you conquer each of the eight maps, you will inch closer to returning home. Your success hinges on you and your partner being In Sink.

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  • Eight engaging levels.
  • Vibrant cartoony visuals.
  • Language-free puzzle design.
  • Simple and accessible controls.
  • Two-player co-op gameplay.
  • Dynamic hint system helps without spoiling solutions.

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“We are thrilled to partner with Clock Out Games to publish In Sink, adding a unique title to our growing portfolio of PC and console games. In Sink has already built a strong community, with over a million prologue downloads and an active Discord channel. We are fully supporting Michael and Brendan to help fulfil their vision for In Sink.” – Ben Forrester, VP of PC & Console, Kwalee.

You can add “In Sink” to your Steam wishlist now ahead of its launch later this year.

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