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Life is Strange 2 – Out Now On Nintendo Switch!

Five years after its initial release, the award-winning Life is Strange 2 comes out today on Nintendo Switch. Life is Strange 2 joins the other games on the platform, Life is Strange: The Arcadia Bay Collection and Life is Strange: True Colors, and is only available on the Nintendo eShop. There is no sign of a physical release as of yet, so bad news if you were looking to complete a physical collection.

Life is Strange 2 was originally released way back in 2018 and was an episodic narrative-driven adventure of sorts, however, this release is the complete package. A departure in setting from the games before it, though the gameplay is largely the same where your decisions affect the story and characters.

LiS2 NSW Screenshot3

This time you get to join brothers Sean and Daniel Diaz as their life is turned upside down after a tragic incident and they are on the run. The boys decide to make their way to Mexico, to their father’s hometown for safety. Along their travels, Daniel’s telekinetic power gains strength as he struggles to understand it.

Key decisions will have to be made on the road. How will you eat? How will Sean be able to protect his younger brother? Will you keep the power a secret, or exploit it? Along the way, there will be laughter and tears, and a kaleidoscope of characters that you will meet.

LiS2 NSW Screenshot4

If this sounds like your cup of tea, you can grab it on the Nintendo eShop, or here. Not made up your mind? Then check out the trailer below.

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