Lords of the Fallen

Lords of The Fallen Delivers the Final Milestone

The 2023 remake of Lords of the Fallen has hit version 1.5. CI Games is pleased to announce that this update brings a lot of changes to the game, and it’s free for all owners.

The update is available on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and PC. This update also delivers the final milestone of the game’s post-launch roadmap.

Become a Master of Fate

Update 1.5 has been titled Master of Fate and sees a genre-defining advanced game modifier system in Lords of the Fallen.

This latest new feature will place power directly into the players’ hands. It will allow them to fully customise their game experience. There are seven modifiers and players will be able to use any combination of them. This will change several things in the game, you can make it easier, more difficult, or even a new experience every time.

Lords of the Fallen
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Modifiers also include abilities to randomise enemies, alter the mob density, and also you can enable a form of permadeath.

Alongside the 1.5 release, CI Games is also announcing a 50% discount on the game on the PlayStation Store. The game will also see 50% off on Steam during the CI Games Publisher Sale which starts April 29th.

Saul Gascon, Executive Producer and Head of Studio, HEXWORKS, said: “We’d like to thank the many players who have embarked upon Mournstead since we launched six months ago; their belief in our vision has been a real driving force for us. In response to their support for the game, we expanded the period of live support for Lords of the Fallen with an ambitious post-launch roadmap. This was built around four significant content updates, alongside numerous smaller releases, which included tons of new content and major performance and stability improvements. Reaching Version 1.5 with the Master of Fate update and its genuinely groundbreaking modifier system marks the completion of that roadmap, making the Lords of the Fallen experience the best it’s ever been.”

Key Features

  • Significant performance, optimisation and stability improvements
  • Rigorous difficulty balancing including mob density reduction & nerfed ranged attacks
  • Split PvP and PvE game balancing
  • Online multiplayer enhancements for improved matchmaking and connection stability
  • New questlines including Season of the Bleak, Trial of the Three Spirits, and Way of the Bucket
  • New armour and weapon sets
  • Additional secret boss weapon abilities
  • Improved boss encounters with additional move sets & new AI
  • 12 new spells including the arena-devastating Immolation
  • New grievous strikes: each weapon family now features two unique finishers: one for single-handed wielding and another for two-handed wielding
  • Three new projectiles: Blood Vomit, Explosive Mines, and Frost Worms
  • QOL updates include: Inventory expansion, appearance reset, storage functionality & gamepad rebinding

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. To find out more about this game please visit the official website.

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