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Minds Beneath Us: A New Sci-Fi Thriller Demo Launches

The Taipei-based indie developer Bearbone Studio is excited to announce that Minds Beneath Us will release a new demo today on Steam. Embark on an exciting Sci-Fi journey in a futuristic Asian city. The society is fully automated by advanced AI. You find yourself trapped within a foreign body, accompanied by the subconscious of its original owner. In a world where your choices matter, you will face imminent challenges and confront an uncertain destiny. The game will soon be released on Steam, and the official release date will be announced in the coming weeks.

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In a society that has become fully automated with AI. A new industry has emerged that replaces the hardware needed to operate the Internet with linked human brains. Minds Beneath Us is an adventure about a guy and a data ghost who lives in his head and controls his body. As a result, the most disadvantaged of citizens have had no choice but to put in their bid to sign up, one after another. Against the stage of this mad society, a mysterious conspiracy gradually unveils.

In the Next Steam Fest demo, players can experience an early part of the game’s storyline as well as a mid-to-late part, offering a feel for the core gameplay mechanics and the narrative atmosphere.

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Minds Beneath Us Key Features

  • Players can constantly make their own dialogue choices and shape the relationship between characters. The combination of dialogue choices and actions will constantly affect the story.
  • Observe environments, pay attention to each dialogue then look for hidden clues in every scene. Unlock new dialogue choices.
  • With hand-drawn animation and smooth camera movement, we create a unique cinematic experience.
  • Combine 2D characters and detailed 3D environments, present the near future Taipei street.

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