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Moons of Darsalon, OUT TODAY on Steam

Dr. Kucho is proud to announce that his challenging save-them-all platformer Moons of Darsalon is out today on Steam. After more than eight years of long waiting, players are finally able to enrol on the Darsanauts Rescue Missions! Be a hero in charge of rescuing your lost colleagues and bringing them to the closest base station using your commands and their advanced AI. Fight fierce alien creatures, avoid all sorts of threats and get rid of obstacles with a jetpack. Enjoy the advanced physics engine that allows you to destroy the terrain and even make new paths with the ground maker!

Teams of darsanauts got lost during their mining missions on the different moons of the planet Darsalon. You need to complete several rescue missions in which you will have to lead them to the closest base station. They will use their own AI to follow you and obey your commands. On your way to the base, you will have to protect them from dangers and enemies using your laser gun, jet pack, pilot ground and air vehicles, destroy terrain, and even make new paths with the ground maker gun.

Save them All Scanlines

“Making this game has been fulfilling the dream I had as a teenager, which I gave up to dedicate myself to music, and which I recovered at 42 years old, eight years later. Moons of Darsalon is a reality in which I have put all my obsessive perfectionism, avoiding following trendy styles and focusing on offering a fresh and quality gaming experience.” – Dr. Kucho

Main Features

  • Fast-paced laser gun shooting action against dangerous alien creatures.
    Enhanced mobility thanks to accessories like the jet pack and vehicles like the space truck and drop ship.
  • Darsanauts implement advanced platforming AI, including dynamic terrain detection, jump force calculation, light sensitivity, and inter-NPC communication.
  • Voice Commands to control companion NPCs.
  • Dynamic ground destruction and creation: Destroy terrain and make new paths with the ground maker gun.
  • Fully interactive and realistic liquid physics.
  • Realistic off-road vehicle physics.
  • 8-bit music based on MOS 6581 (SID) chip from 1982 and speech synthesis.
  • Graphics are generated with a unique render pipeline that combines modern lighting, 2D sprites, and 3D models pixelated in real-time, all featuring a restricted colour palette for an authentic retro feel.
  • And, of course, we cannot miss the good old CRT filter!

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