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Mullet Madjack Has Launched!

Hammer95 is bringing you Mullet Madjack. This 90s retro-inspired FPS has launched on Steam for a discounted price of £15.25 (deluxe edition also available at £23.19) for launch week.

Hammer95 is a small studio, with three developers who love the retro aesthetic and aim to hit everyone in the nostalgia spot.

Mullet Madjack will immerse you in an engaging retro FPS with rogue-lite elements. It will transport players to an anime world full of excitement and action.

With a unique combination of 90’s FPS games, strategy, and intense action, this game promises to keep you hooked. It is no surprise it got over 150,000 wishlists.

The game’s premise is to rescue the world’s most famous influencer from the clutch of a crime group using powerful billionaire robots.

Set in the 90s, 2090s to be precise! This cyberpunk world will have you moving up through floors of the building while eliminating waves of enemies.

Mullet Madjack features vibrant colours, memorable characters, and a unique story. It will provide a great experience for both gaming and anime fans.

Check out the Mullet Madjack release trailer below.

For more gaming news, blogs, and reviews, look for more here. You can learn more about the game Steam, here.

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