My Fantastic Ranch

My Fantastic Ranch New Trailer Revealed

My Fantastic Ranch has had a first-look trailer revealed. This new management game is being developed by Piece of Cake and will be published by NACON. It’s a game that is aimed at the younger generation of players and will offer them the chance to manage a ranch full of fantastical creatures.

My Fantastic Ranch will release on PC via Steam and Epic Games Store as well as Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, and Nintendo Switch consoles on 17th November 2022.

Animal Crossing Vibes

So the game gives me Animal Crossing vibes, which is not a bad thing at all I might add. I spent a good 120+ hours playing Animal Crossing New Horizon on the Switch.

My Fantastic Ranch has an enchanting world that is inhabited by dragons and unicorns. It’s the player’s task to build and expand on the ranch of their dreams in this game that’s made for the whole family to enjoy.

My Fantastic Ranch

You will take care of eight different types of dragons and unicorns. Train them and attend to their daily needs. Once ready, you can welcome students and give them riding lessons including dressage and aerobatics, as well as target practice. If you pair the right student with their favourite magical steed, they may be a winning duo that is capable of impressing the Prince and the Princess at festivals.

Key Features:

  • Two game modes – Classic mode and Dreamer mode.
  • Build fountains, training grounds, grain stores, gardens, and much more.
  • There are 24 types of buildings and decorative installations for players to choose from
  • An intuitive interface that is friendly for players of all ages

You can watch the trailer below as well as wishlist My Fantastic Ranch on Steam. You can also check out our previous news.

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