Netherguild Coming To Steam Early Access

Netherguild from developer David Vinokurov is planned to be released on Steam Early Access in November 2022. It is a turn-based tactical rogue-lite dungeon-crawler. Say that after a few Jack Daniels. I dare you.

What Will You Discover Underground?

Netherguild will see players taking command of expeditions in a desperate attempt to cure the earth of a strange plague.

Players will be able to camp, explore, as well as fight as far as they can before heading back to camp to resupply.


I have briefly spoken to David and he has also confirmed that Netherguild is working absolutely perfectly on the Steam Deck. My interest is piqued.

There is also currently a free demo on the Netherguild Steam Store page for all to play.

A Little About David

David is a solo independent developer and he is from Israel. Before starting work on Netherguild, David gained development experience whilst working as a freelancer for a few years on various games. David also worked on various small projects such as his world map generator.

During his free time, David likes to run tabletop RPG games for his friends. Think along the lines of Dungeons and Dragons. During these campaigns, wild and unspeakable shenanigans occur.

You can watch the trailer for Netherguild below. You can also check out our previous news.

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