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New Trailer for Luna Abyss is here!

Luna Abyss, the upcoming narrative-driven first-person bullet-hell action-adventure (wow!) game has a brand new trailer for us to watch. The game is being developed by Bonsai Collective and the new trailer debuts two key characters – Aylin and Fawkes.

We Love A Bullet Hell!

As you can see from the screenshots below, the game looks bloody beautiful. The new trailer also shows off a new location in Germany. In the never-before-seen clip, it casts light on both of the characters roles in the lore of Luna Abyss.

lunaabyss 2

Aylin serves as a primary guide to the player as they traverse to the heart of the diverse environments. Aylin also serves as the governor of the Blood Moon Penal Colony. She takes direction from the mysterious All-Father and her primary imperative is to be helpful and support the Scouts under her care. Of course, she has a patchy understanding of humans which occasinally leads her to make some rather questionable decisions.

It will be the players challenge to uncover the mysteries of the mimic moon turned prison planet, as well as exploring the chasm within its depths. The trailer below also details the lead of the game, who is a prisoner named Fawkes.

Fawkes was incarcerated on the Blood Moon for embodying characteristic red eyes of the “Marked Ones”. Fawkes is alone, afraid, and thousands of miles away from home. All Fawkes wants is to survive their sentence. However, the Abyss holds many secrets and the unwary Scouts are liable to discover things best left well alone!

“The story is an important part of the Luna Abyss experience that Bonsai Collective have been crafting, so it’s really great to finally be able to put it front and centre in this brand new trailer,” says Benni Hill, Creative Director at Bonsai Collective. “We can’t wait to show the game to more of our peers at Gamescom.”

lunaabyss 1

Luna Abyss Key Features:
  • Buried Mystery: Uncover the mysteries of the mimic moon, and the abyss within its depths. Come face to face with remnants of the colony’s downfall & discover your role within this doomed world. Learn all the secrets the abyss has to offer.

  • Forsaken Chasms: Sprint, jump & dash your way through this brutalist alien megastructure. Experience fluid first-person platforming as you travel through Luna & the depths of the abyss.

  • High-OctaneCombat: Survive deadly bullet-hell encounters with corrupted souls & twisted cosmic horrors. Master your weapons & make split-second decisions in fast-paced, explosive, bullet-hell combat.

You can watch the new trailer below. You can also check out our previous news.

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