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New World Free Trial This Weekend

I can not wait for this. New World, the smash-hit MMO game that was released in 2021 from Amazon Games, is having its first free to play event this weekend. Players will be able to download the game on Steam and play it from April 7th 18:00 BST until April 11th 18:00 BST.

When the game first launched it had a little bit of a rocky start. It had server issues and some people were reporting it overheating their graphics cards. Of course, since then, this has all been fixed and I believe all is now well.

You should note that any characters you make during the free event will remain intact. You should be able to move them to any server after the free trial is over. Should you decide to purchase the game that is.

A few friends played New World a lot when it was first released and they absolutely loved it. So I think I may have to try it out this weekend. You can download the game via the New World Steam page when the free trial goes live tomorrow, Thursday 7th at 18:00 BST.

Let us know in the comments if you’re going to try it out too. You can also read our previous news.

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