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Nonorelia launches on Steam Early Access today

The stunning visual novel and nonogram puzzle hybrid set in an expansive sci-fi universe arrives on Steam today.

Nonorelia, the captivating puzzle and visual novel game from Middle Edge Software, is now available for everyone to enjoy. It makes its debut on Steam Early Access today, 25th July 2023. If you’re looking for something a little different, enjoy puzzle games, and like some artistic flair in your games, Nonorelia could be the game for you.

A logic puzzle game and sci-fi visual novel rolled into one. Players must solve nonograms of all shapes, sizes, and difficulties in a highly detailed anime universe. Play as protagonist Noah Von Sterne as he struggles to save his colony and reunite his family.

Nonorelia’s sci-fi world features graphics that are influenced by anime and stunningly depicted. With fully-voiced dialogue led by Gareth West (Haikyuu!, Food Wars), Amber Lee Connors (My Hero Academia), and Caitlynn French (No Game No Life). Players will be fully immersed in an expansive world filled with secretive scientific projects, advanced AI, heartwarming tales, and nonograms! 

A Nonogram Puzzle Hybrid Game

Nonorelia is an adventure that unfolds on Nonorel V, a planet located in the farthest reaches of Lyran space in the distant future. As you start the game, you’ll step into the shoes of Noah Von Sterne, the main character who’s living a peaceful life with his family in a remote interstellar hub. Suddenly, a powerful explosion shakes up their world and turns everything upside-down. Players must navigate through the remains of a once-thriving colony thrown into chaos. You’ll encounter a series of increasingly complex puzzles that test your skills and critical thinking.

Completing nonogram puzzles is the only way to reveal hidden choices for the entire galaxy. Each comes with lasting consequences. You’re going to have to think before acting!

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Nonorelia offers an infinite puzzle paradise for players in ‘Random Mode’. It’s the perfect option for those who want to showcase their nonogram nous.

Experience the joy of discovery with the ‘Picture Puzzle Mode’ as you uncover hidden images piece by piece. All to reveal a stunning lore-filled, narrated scene that assists the player in unearthing intricate story details.

Following the launch, both modes will feature an in-universe radio station. Players can be updated with local planet news and commercials via the infamous Nova Sledge show.

Solving the mystery of the besieged planet of Nonorel V can be tough work. Additionally, those looking for some respite can take advantage of Nonorelia’s ASMR mode’s calmness. Expertly created by ASMRSurge, whose work on YouTube has attracted over 202 million views since 2012, this mode hosts a range of unique puzzles with tantalizing, satisfying sound effects.

Puzzle Play 2

Nonorelia Key Features

  • Breathtaking artwork and clever storytelling. All painstakingly created to immerse the player into the depths of Nonorelia’s unravelling story.
  • Solve complex nonograms and test your critical thinking. Work your way from beginner to expert. 
  • With the advanced hint system, you can always have a solution to a puzzle in deep space without worrying about being stuck. Ideal for newbies and pros alike.
  • Enjoy the expansive sci-fi world filled with drama, subterfuge, and adventure brought to life with fully-voice dialogue and multiple endings.
  • A 60+ minute original soundtrack accompanies players on their journey through the cosmos.
  • ASMR Mode. Perfect for those seeking an immersive audio experience alongside logic puzzles.

Nonorelia can now download and play on Steam Early Access for $19.99.

We’ll have a review coming for this, so keep an eye out for that. And if you play this, we’d love to know what you think about it.

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