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Orbital Bullet Heads to Nintendo Switch

Ready your blasters because the pulse-pounding 360° neon shooter Orbital Bullet is going mobile! That’s right; you will soon be able to purchase Orbital Bullet on the Nintendo Switch. Brought to life by publisher Assemble Entertainment and developer SmokeStab, Orbital Bullet launches preorders with a cracking 25% discount on Nintendo Switch today in Europe, Japan, Hong Kong, and Korea (November 2 for the USA), with a global launch date on November 10.

With a novel, genre-bending rotating level design, Orbital Bullet is a high-octane guns-blazing action-platforming experience. It’ll fit perfectly on the Switch’s play-where-you-are portability.

Orbital Bullet employs exhilarating gameplay mechanics guaranteed to make your trigger finger itch. Navigate through rounds of enemies and procedurally generated environments dead-set on destruction, utilizing a cache of explosive arms and unlocking abilities via a complex skill tree. Bring out the heavy guns and blast your way through swarms of gnarly, randomly generated foes and obstacles. Show the Dread Corporation that you’re not simply going to fall in line – you’re going to go out guns blazing.

Porting this thoroughly engaging adventure to Nintendo Switch transforms the fight into a literal “pick up and play” experience, allowing a new audience to experience the enthralling, synth-soaked world of Orbital Bullet.

Orbital Bullet 360 Sniper

Key Features of Orbital Bullet.

  • Nothing ‘Rosie’ About This Ring: A unique 2.5D ring-shaped world offers a one-of-a-kind setting fresh for the genre with a rotating 360° level design. Make the most satisfying long-range curved snipes you’ve ever made. Or blast and shred enemies with a load from the Hyper Shotgun. Your choice.
  • Bullets and Body Mods: No rogue-lite is complete without all sorts of nifty upgrades, mods, skill trees, and heavy weapons. Keep your sci-fi fustigator strapped and ready for action. Enhance your character’s vigour by unlocking permanent upgrades such as the Combo System, the Medi-Backpack, or a stronger starting weapon.
  • Stay Classy: Four meticulously crafted classes can be unlocked by solving challenging puzzles. Includes epic abilities per class, such as the turret-wielding Engineer or the fire-fueled Hellion.
  • Intense Arcade Action: A game that defines “one more run”, Orbital Bullet throws you into the fray with fierce, frenetic action. Jump, dodge, and shoot your way through hordes of enemies as you wind your way around several beautiful and unique biomes.
  • No Time to Relax: Instant level transitions upon completion of a stage. Keep the mayhem flowing and your trigger finger dialled. No more interrupting the rhythm with cutscenes or hub worlds!

Orbital Bullet is available for preorder on Nintendo Switch from October 27, 2022, for £17.99 GBP / €17.99 EUR. Additionally, players can pick up the title on PC via Steam and GOG for £13.49 GBP / €16.99 EUR.

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