Outrage: Fight Fest

OutRage: Fight Fest – Demo Out Now!

Hardball Games is thrilled to announce that Outrage: Fight Fest has had its first public demo released on Steam!

The World’s First Mega Brawl!

At the time of writing, there is no official launch date for Outrage: Fight Fest. However, to help pass the time until launch, you can now check out the demo on Steam.

The game is the world’s first 16-player beat-em-up mega brawler! Players will kick, throw, punch, use a bunch of weapons, and cause chaos in the destructible levels around them. You will be able to party up in hilarious games with friends. There are short sessions, Battle Royale, Free for All, and Team-Based game modes.

The demo features two modes. One is a 4-player survival match. The other mode is an 8-player team-based domination mode. Players will need to work together to capture and control points. They will also be able to jump into a training area to hone their skills.

The demo highlights just some of the smash, grab, throw, pound, grab-again, pound-some-more, action that players will be able to experience in the full game. More

Key Features of the Demo:

  • 5 different character skins
  • 4-player solo survival and 8-player domination
  • There are 2 diverse game worlds to be destroyed!
  • Over-Rage ability leading to explosive results for your combatants
  • Custom games where you can host your own games and share them with friends to play together
  • Training mode, where you can learn the ropes and practice your combos
  • Practice mode enabling you to take on bots in a time-limited score challenge

You can watch the trailer below. You can also check out our previous news. If you wish to check out the Demo or learn more about the game, head on over to the Steam Store page.

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