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Oxygen Not Included January 2022 Roadmap Update

So you may have come here thinking “oh no, one of my favourite games is soon to be left to the pile of unsupported games.” Well, you’re wrong. Very wrong. The developers of Oxygen Not Included, Klei Entertainment have released some news about the game and its future.

Whilst Klei is mostly going to be focusing on the quality of life improvements, they have also mentioned the possibility of a new and free content update for all players of the game.

Oxygen Not Included
Image Credit: Klei Entertainment

Klei Entertainment has said the below on the official Steam page for Oxygen Not Included.


We’ve got two core projects happening in the first half of the year: tech improvements and a free content update!

After a whirlwind two years, we’re excited to finally have time to dig into the backlog of technical tasks for both Spaced Out! and the base game.

We’ll start by working on highly-requested mod support for WeGame (just launched!) and support for Steam Deck in the coming weeks.

Then the next several months will be all about:

  • Performance improvements

  • Bug fixes both old and new!

  • Building out our collection of developer tools

  • Streamlining our workflow behind the scenes

You can read the full details of the roadmap and news post on the Oxygen Not Included Events page.

Alongside the roadmap update above, the game is also currently on sale with a generous -60% discount. This brings the game down to £7.59 which is a fantastic price. You can take advantage of the discount at the Oxygen Not Included Steam page. I’ve put over 500 hours into this game and not once succeeded in launching off of my planet in a rocket. Not because the game is super hard, but because I get so far into a colony and cock it up, every damn time. It’s a fantastic game though, check out the official launch trailer for it below. You can also check out some of our previous news here.

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