Paper Cut Mansion

Paper Cut Mansion launches today on PlayStation and Switch!

Paper Cut Mansion launches today for the Nintendo Switch and PlayStation platforms for £16.99. The game is from developers Space Lizard Studio (Dragon Bros, Yelly Chicken) and publishers Thunderful Publishing (LEGO Brick Tales, The Gunk). The game launched on Xbox and PC on October 27th, 2022.

Tear Through The Mystery

Paper Cut Mansion is a well-received game on the Xbox and PC and has been getting decent review ratings. In the story of this roguelite horror puzzler, you will explore a mysterious mansion, solve puzzles, and battle enemies. You will also be challenged with completing quests that will unlock new abilities for our protagonist, Toby.

Paper Cut Mansion

Toby is a police detective that is arriving at a road that leads to the enigmatic old mansion. As you journey through the game, you are tasked with seeking the truth behind the ominous mansion, using your keen eye and sharp detective skills to progress through each run. Each run throws different challenges at you in an attempt to thwart you from solving the case. On top of that, each time you go on another run, you have the chance of collecting another piece of evidence that you can tack on the Evidence Board.

There is an intriguing cast of characters to meet as you explore Paper Cut Mansion. Some are there to help and offer quests to earn valuable rewards, others will hinder you by hiding things from you.

Gabriele Caruso, who is the Lead Designer at Space Lizard Studio said the below:

“Our hand-crafted adventure comes full circle today.

With PC and Xbox versions already out, I’m delighted that players finally get to play Paper Cut Mansion today on PlayStation and Nintendo Switch!”

You can watch the trailer below as well as the official site. You can also check out our previous news.

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