PowerA Reveal Kirby Accessories

Wow, first of all, I didn’t realise Kirby is 30 years old. That’s crazy. Secondly, PowerA is celebrating Kirby’s Birthday with a new wired controller and case for the Nintendo Switch family of consoles.

Kirby is 30?!

PowerA has unveiled their brand new controller and case combo that is heavily inspired by Kirby. I personally love the design, but Ben isn’t a fan of it. I believe his exact words were “That’s gross”. That’s the joy of personal opinion though, things won’t appeal to everyone. But man, this appeals to me. Both the protective case and controller are licensed by Nintendo.

I love the colour scheme.

The Kirby variant controller from PowerA has mappable advanced gaming buttons which allow players to swallow up the competition. There is also a very generous cable coming in at 10 feet in length so you can game in comfort from a good distance.

The case that is designed to house the Nintendo Switch OLED Model, Nintendo Switch, and Nintendo Switch Lite will keep your device safe, snug, and secure. It also has shades of pink and blue similar to the controller design. The case even has a built-in stand for use with the Switch in Tabletop mode.

You can purchase the wired controller now, and the protective case will be available later in July. You can also check out our previous news.

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