Razer Edge

Razer Edge Redefines Mobile Gaming!

Razer has some great news for mobile and handheld gamers alike. The Razer Edge will make its anticipated debut in select regions of Europe and Asia! But that’s not all. Razer has also announced the Kishi V2 Pro, the exclusive Kishi V2 Xbox Edition, and also updates to the Razer Nexus app.

Razer Edge

The Edge has already dominated the markets of the U.S. and now it’s coming for us Europeans and Asians!

It’s powered by a Snapdragon® G3x Gen 1 Gaming Platform. It also boasts a vivid 6.8″ AMOLED display that has an ultra-smooth 144Hz refresh rate. It’s the handheld that will marvel gamers and immerse them into a world of AAA games everywhere.

“At Razer, we believe in pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in mobile gaming,” said Alvin Cheung, Senior Vice President of Razer’s Hardware Business Unit. “With the Kishi V2 line and the extended availability of the Razer Edge, we are empowering gamers to enjoy the full potential of what mobile gaming has to offer.”

Read more about the Razer Edge on the official site.

Kishi V2 Pro Edge [2023] Key Visual (2) (1)

Razer Kishi V2 Pro for Android

This piece of hardware was born from an obsession for peak mobile gameplay. Razer’s Kishi V2 Pro was initially exclusively bundled with the Razer Edge. However, it will now be sold separately and widely available for gaming enthusiasts.

The Kishi V2 Pro brings console-class gaming with features such as:

  • HyperSense Haptics
  • A universal fit with extendable bridge
  • Play both PC and Console games with streaming.
  • Ultra-low latency gameplay
  • Passthrough Charging
  • 3.5mm audio jack
  • Compatibility with the Razer Nexus 3.0 App

Razer Kishi V2 Xbox Edition Line

Seamlessly blending console with mobile, the Xbox Edition line is an officially licensed controller. There are two models, the Razer Kishi V2 Pro for Android (Xbox Edition), and the Razer Kishi V2 Pro for iPhone (Xbox Edition). They both build upon the legacy of the already released and award-winning Razer Kishi V2 and they enable hundreds of AAA titles to be played on iOS and Android. They offer:

  • Precision Controls
  • Ergonomic comfort
  • The iconic Xbox button layout in a white aesthetic.
  • Critically acclaimed Razer tactile micro-switches under the D-pad, face buttons, and shoulder buttons

If you’re used to an Xbox controller, you’ll be at home here thanks to the familiar functionality of the Xbox button. This can be used for Xbox Remote Play and Xbox Cloud Gaming experiences.

Razer Nexus 3.0

The Razer Nexus app hits a new version with 3.0 which was released earlier this month offers a treasure trove for the Razer Edge and Kishi V2 users at no additional cost! There’s a vast library for players to explore and initiate thousands of games.

Both iOS and Android players can enjoy new features for free. Some of these are curated categories and a routinely refreshed game list that combines trailers that autoplay to help you find your next favourite game on the go. There is also a virtual controller mode to help play games that would be touch screen only. This is only on the Android version.

Nexus for Android Virtual Controller

Pricing and availability:
  • Razer Kishi V2 Pro for Android
    • £129.99 GBP / $129.99 USD / 149.99€ MSRP
    • Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers – August 23rd, 2023
  • Razer Edge – Now available in Select Europe and Asia-Pacific Markets
    • £449.99 GBP / $399.99 USD / 499.99€ MSRP
    • Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers – August 23rd, 2023
  • Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone (Xbox Edition) – Available in the USA and Canada
    • $119.99 USD MSRP
    • Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers – August 23rd, 2023
  • Razer Kishi V2 Pro for Android (Xbox Edition) – Available in the USA and Canada
    • $149.99 USD MSRP
    • Razer.com, RazerStores & Authorized Resellers – August 23rd, 2023
  • Razer Kishi V2 for iPhone and Razer Kishi V2 for Android 
    • both continue to be globally available alongside, at £99.99 GBP / $99.99 USD / 119.99€ MSRP.

So yeah, Razer has been hard at work to bring us these new products! You can also check out our previous news.

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