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Retro Gadgets Early Access Out Now!

Retro Gadgets is out now on Steam Early Access! The latest game from developer Licorice ehf is now available via Steam for £16.99 and Greenman Gaming has an introductory price of 20% off (£13.59).

Customise Your Own Gadgets!

You’ve been hard at work at your cosy little workbench. You look up, it’s dark out. What time is it? It doesn’t matter as you’ve been perfecting the final touches to your latest retro gadget.

Retro Gadgets sees you creating your own little masterpieces, which you can share with the world once you’re happy and it’s completed its final design stages.

The game introduces us to the “Gadget Maker” which helps create your own eye-popping real-world gadgets. You will have to build, solder, code, customise, and play with all of your electrical gadgets at your workbench.

You’ll have to solder circuit boards, and choose your own buttons, switches, speakers, lights, screens, and much more!

Not only can you share your creations but you’ll be able to play around with others’ creations that they’ve shared. You’ll also be able to tear their creations apart to see how it works and build your own version.

The game has an ever-growing collection of items for you to add to your gadgets. Buttons, switches, dials, gauges, LEDs, LCDs, lights, joysticks… You name it. All you need now is a name!

As you can see in the below GIF, you’ll have to code your devices to perfect the device to your needs.

You can watch the trailer below or check out the Steam page for the game. You can also check out our previous news.

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