Rogue Spirit

Rogue Spirit Steam Summer Sale Discount

Rogue Spirit will be discounted by 40% on the Steam Store thanks to the Steam Summer Sale. The anime-inspired 3D roguelite that is developed by Kids With Sticks and published by 505 Games is on sale until July 7th. The sale goes live at 14:00 BST today so make sure to delete your card details and hide your wallet before it’s too late and the sale swallows all of your money!

“Rogue Spirit is inspired by Studio Ghibli films”

In addition to this sale, it has been announced that Rogue Spirit will launch v1.0 on Steam and consoles next year. Players can also look forward to update v0.95 which will launch on July 7th. The update will bring the following into the game. The game has dropped to £9.95 thanks to the 40% discount. After that, it will return to the standard price of £15.99. I actually quite like the art style that has been created by the developers. It takes inspiration from Studio Ghibli Films, you can tell, not that it’s a bad thing of course.

Key Features of update v0.95:

  • New character skills

  • New Ghost Spirit Puzzles

  • New Run Modifiers

  • Challenge-Based Objectives

  • Hard Mode for daring players

You can watch the trailer for the game below, and also here is the Steam page for it. You can also check out our previous news.

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